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Perfect for Beginner Artists​
$ 49 99
Per units
  • Untagged MP3 & WAV​
  • Tracked out files ​
  • Upload to Spotify, Apple Music, etc.​
  • Limited to 200,000 Streams​
  • Sell up to 5,000 copies​


Perfect for Independent Artists
$99.99 $ 79 99
Per units
  • Untagged MP3 & WAV​
  • Tracked out files
  • Upload to Spotify, Apple Music, etc.​
  • Limited to 400,000 Streams​
  • Sell up to 10,000 copies​
on Sale


Perfect for Pro Artists and Record Labels
$199.99 $ 149 99
Per units
  • Untagged MP3 & WAV​
  • Tracked out files
  • Upload to Spotify, Apple Music, etc.​
  • Sell up to UNLIMITED copies​
on sale

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Do you need any help?
Here below the most common questions with the relative answers.

With my non-exclusive licenses (Standard, Premium and Unlimited) you can sell the song you make on any digital distribution platform (Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Tidal, etc.)

These non-exclusive licenses are 100% royalty-free, it means you can push your song on digital stores, and not have to worry about paying me a dime after the small initial license fee paid to purchase on my beat-store.

These are the 3 main restrictions on non-exclusive licenses:

  1. Your license may expire.
  2. I prohibit 3rd party sync license deals, it means that you are not allowed to license the song to any 3rd party publishing company.
  3. I prohibit the registration of songs made with non-exclusive beats with any content identification system (for example TuneCore or CDBaby, and any other provider of user-generated content identification services, including but not limited to YouTube Content ID or any other audio identification software.

I accept all major debit/credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover). I process transactions using PayPal. You do not need a Paypal account to checkout via PayPal (a debit/credit card will still work).

No. All purchases made from the Beat Store are non-exclusive. This means that me, the producer, still owns the rights and I will still be able to license it to other artists.

Please refer to the FAQ page

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